$10,457.00 of $35,000.00

Formally established in 2018, Friends of Friends of Sierra is a non-profit organization committed to continued education through research and development to improve the science of animal physical therapy. It is our hope that all dogs receive the care they need. We will assist in the provision of physical therapy for organizations and families unable to pay for the service.

SPONSOR A SERVICE DOG: Our complete physical therapy program for one service dog is approximately $3500. This provides one service dog with14 months of injury prevention and advanced strength and conditioning. Our goal for 2022 is to raise a minimum of $35,000 to help at least 10 service dogs. If you would like to sponsor a service dog please click here.

We cannot do any of this without the generosity and kindness of folks just like you. Your contribution to Friends of Sierra – no matter how small – makes a big difference for our heroes, their safety, and the security of our community as well as our loving pets.

Please join us!

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